Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Goodtimes Car Club had their annual car show in Highland Park on Figueroa Ave. This was the place to be that day. This open street show had lots to offer. Free spectator admission, free entertainment, a place to kick it on a hot day. If you missed this show, don't miss it next year. Check out these.

SUV's rides
bombs convertible
clean ragtop
Chevy engine
Chevy Impala
bomb rides
Coronas three wheels
on three parked
Impala Buick
low ragtop
nice bombs
good view Imperials
mean rides
Buick clean rides
truck wagon
rides Caddy
truck the band
bike three wheels
Impala bike
Chevy Classified girls
Caddy Regal
bombs bike
Impala imports
Cecy B. bike
rides proud owner
hop Old Memories girls
Goodtimes Ballerz Empire
truck sweet