Lowriding So. Cal. Style

The Majestics Car Club had their annual New Years Day carshow over at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach. This show is one of the biggest of the year. The weather was good for all to come out and hang n BBQ. The place was filled with clean rides, lowriders, trucks, bikes, SUVs, Imports, just a lot of clean rides. Heres some pics.

rides Caddy
mural engine
low clean
Cads Chevy
on three bomb
SUV Chevy
Lincoln bombs
row bombs
layin low ragtop
on three clean
Impala bike
truck Caddy
Chevy trunk
Impala lined up
clean engine
row nice
ragtop low ride
Chevy bombs
kit ragtop
mural three wheelin
nice rides
Classified ragtop
Impala Father,son
Gypsy Rose Impala
bomb owner
Caddy sweet