Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Goodtimes CC held their 25th Annual Car Show over at Ernest Debs Regional Park in LA. After 25 years in the streets of Figueroa, the city council denied Goodtimes Car Club to hold it there after having it happen for 25 years. Lack of funds was the excuse the Council gave for the cancellation. Hmmm... The show generated plenty of revenue for the city, storeowners, merchants, etc.. If you think this show should happen in the streets of Highland Park in the future, give Ed Reyes an e-mail with your concern. EMAIL councilmemberreyes@lacity.org. Heres the pics of the day over at the park.

rides bomb
bomb mural
locked Chevy
mural Monte
engine Caddy
Impala Impala
El Camino rides
Lincoln rides
Caddy Cutlass
Monte mural
trucks sittin
spokes bomb
truck bike
Goodtimes CC Delegation CC
Casuals CC The Council CC
Pasadena CCHighTimes CC
Ohana CC High Class CC
grills Chevy