Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Torres Empire Lowrider Tour 2011 hit the L.A. Convention Center, and let me tell you, this had to be the show of the year so far. The entire indoor of the Center was packed to capacity. The hop went good, could have had more spectator viewing though. Plenty of vendor booths, food, overall went great. Hope they do this show every year. Some pics and videos.

truck Impala
Caddy indoor
Majestics Impala
mural Chevy
model Goodtimes
ragtop Chevy
bikes truck
model El Camino
Dukes Convention Center
model model
models krazyvatos.com
model outdoors
Chevy ragtop
hop hop
hop hop
hop rides
grill indoor
indoor hop
ragtop model
models models
bombEl Camino