Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Majestics held their Annual New Years Show and BBQ Picnic over at The Santa Fe Dam Park in Irwindale, CA. This show is ALWAYS packed! Getting there late and it may take a while to get in. But when you are there it is very well worth it. Plenty to see and do, with everyone bbqin and enjoyin the day off, this get together never gets old. Lots of clean rides, vendor booths, entertainment, and the location makes the day well worth it. Heres some pics and vids.

The Scene Impala
ragtop Chevy
Chevy interior
rides rides
rides wagon
rides lines up
engine Impala
grills bomb
engine rollin
Old Memories Japan rides
rides show
ragtop rides
rides truck
semi engine
engine bomb
ready for hopbombs
close up rides
rides grills
ragtops nice
clean rides ragtop
rides the show
Impalaon three
Show ride Chevy
Lowrider Girl ragtop
sweet ragtop
Chevy ragtop
Chevy kit