Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Cinco De Mayo. What a day for a good car show. As it turned out I went to three of them. First off, I went to The Centerpoint Mall Car Show in Oxnard. Got there early, it was sort of an outdoor/indoor show with a some clean rides inside the mall. After that I went to The Techniques show in the San Fernando Valley. It was thrown at Los Angeles Community college. There was alot of clean rides to show that day. Everyone seemed to have a good time there. And last but not least there was Elysian Park. Now there was alot going on over there, everyone was BBQ'ing, kicking back and enjoying all the clean rides, bikes and clubs getting together for Cinco De Mayo celebration. All in all it was a pretty good day for showing off these clean rides and just getting together.

Centerpoint Show

cutlass chevy
Amigos chevy
bike Showtime
El Diablo monte
impala caddy
chevy decked out
impala buick
malibu bike

Techniques Show

The Amazon Pachucos
Lo Lows clean ride
Dodge truck
old school layin low
Fantasia caddy
lowered Infinite
Coors Light looks good
clean Disco Daze
truck cutlass
bomb bike
bike Spider-man
Sinister bike
Casper little one
impala Buick
Gypsy Rose Kaleidos Scope
bomb Go Lakers
import clean
import clean ride

Elysian Park

chevy caddy
Majestics Goodtimes
caddy Hustler 63
on three Regal
three wheels dropped
bomb hangin' out
bomb regal
53 chevy wagon
at the park impala
enjoying it High Class
parked more
having fun bail me out