Lowriding So. Cal. Style

Infinite Car Club of Oxnard Ca. threw their first anniversary BBQ in Camarillo Springs Park. There was enough food to go around. It was a family atmosphere, weather was great, kids were cracking the pi ata, and overall a cool place to spend the Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all the car clubs who showed up to support them. Heres some pics of the day.

throwin shoes playin to win
laid back enjoying the day
group foto Q it up
mmmmm Ralph s bomb
Clean layin low
impala nice ride
bomb parked
Olds Latin Passion
Fernando s import
Frank s import
import import
Liz n Serg Cruisers
kickin it DJ Mystery
bomb impala
bomb Integrity's
ragtop drinkin a few
Happy Anniversary pinata
Dukes Viejitos
sweet caddy
chevy under the hood