Lowriding So. Cal. Style

It was that time of year again for the Pharaoh’s annual car show, and let me tell you they pulled out all the stops. Everyone pulled out the grills and fired up the coals. It definitely was time to kick it and spend the day with the familia and check out all these clean rides.

bombs Impala
parked Chevy
tiltin’ truck
row of bombs Impala
bike nice
ragtop LTD
gangsta Coastline bikes
bomb Impala
motor clean
convertible truck
bike wagon on three
Nite Life S.B. parked
Monte Barbie
grill sweet
Latino 96.3 FM Latin Kings
WestSide Townsmen Nite Life V.C.
Old Memories jus chillin’
Cruisers clean
Chevy’s three wheel
showin the smiles just friends
Chevy Imports
SUV’s El Capitan